Leaving A Meaningless Life To Find Life’s Meaning

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Entering The Force-Field

Question: How do you live with the fact that life is meaningless? What should I live for?

Answer: I can’t live with the fact that is meaningless. The moment one had the question about “meaning of life” popping into one’s head, this question becomes irrepressible, intolerable and one has to search for a meaning.

And this is not something we invent. Natural evolution awakens this question in us, as our evolutionary Human purpose is to research Nature’s system, to unveil evolution’s intelligent, predetermined plan and our unique Human role in it so we can fulfill it, justifying our life.

Without a meaning, without fulfilling our Human purpose we can’t justify being called “Human”!

Thus please do not suppress the question about “meaning”, do not accept anybody offering you as “fact”that life has no meaning, instead continue searching until you find a suitable, purposeful, mutually supportive and mutually complementing…

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