“Doing My Thing” Means Loving My Man

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I hate when people say, “Just do your own thing!” without understanding that being one with a man is “my thing”. That is my chosen purpose in this world. That is where my ultimate happiness comes from… as well as all the things that are worth even more than happiness.

Not everyone can find happiness on their own, and that’s fine. Not everyone who can find happiness on their own is content with it. Some people want more; the infinite fulfillment that comes with merging with another.

If I’m not seeking/experiencing love with a man, then I am not “doing my thing”; because that ismy thing.

And lastly, once you’ve become one with a person, “their thing” is “your thing”, and yours is theirs.

Stop it with the isolationist bullshit. Everyone’s “thing” should be finding and basking in true romantic love.

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