About Me

Holly King Photography

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for photography and everything involving it. At the moment, I’m studying Photography at The University of Northampton, graduating in 2021.

My work is very varied, from portraits and fashion to concerts and sports. My main reason for not picking a specific field is that I have personal belief that photography is a subject that’s best shown through any creative subheading that comes with it.

Since I’m still studying, I’m still learning and developing my skills and I’ve played with the idea in my head of freelance photojournalism. Professionally, I’d love to expand and show my services to those around me, which is why I’m now selling my services. I’m still a student at Northampton, so the services offered to the University will be free, or discounted at the very least.

I’ve put my heart, my soul and my dedication in…

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