I have more than 20 years of juggling experience and more than five years of full time training in different courses and schools.

Furthermore I have 15 years professional experience from various circus jobs, solo shows, creation of theme events and work in collaboration with other performers.

I have more than 200 performance days a year.

I have a lot of experience in many styles of performance: juggling, dance, mime, acrobatics, theatre, clowning, break dance, poppin, robot movement and slow motion.

I have been working in the amusement park Dyrehavsbakken in Copenhagen the last 6 seasons. With a solo show on the main stage and as a street performer presenting various shows and concepts.

I have worked two seasons in Wallmans Salonger in Copenhagen and Oslo.

I have also worked in Marcau (China) 4 month at Galaxy Hotel and at Celebrities Cruises (NY-Carib)6 month.

I also perform freelance with my…

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