Writing Process: Patreon, Film Festivals and Being Open For Commissions

2019, Commissions, Fan Fiction, Patreon, Screenwriting

Just Sarah Will Do


So in case none of you were aware, I am working towards the goal of making a living as an animation scriptwriter. I have applied for various studio jobs and I will continue to do so in hopes of adding professional work to my writing portfolio. So as I am trying to do this for a living, I am also trying to get lots of paid work under my belt. I’ve also taken a long, hard look at my Patreon page to learn that I was undercharging, massively. I am by no means the only female freelancer who does this, but I shouldn’t do this because it sends the message to potential clients that my art isn’t worth the hard work I’m willing to put into my writing. There are some who might say that one has to spend money to make money, and there are hardened buisnessspeople who…

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