Division and Commonality…

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Words Mean Stuff


Many years ago some camp counselors and psychology types conducted an experiment…

The camp residents included a group of “jock” kids, rough and tumble sports types, and a group of “math camp” kids, more brains than brawn and not necessarily as vocal. The researchers put a mixture of both groups into two trucks to go to an activity away from the main camp, and had one of the two trucks “break down” for several hours on the way.

The kids from the first, non-breakdown, truck kept acting the way they always had: the “jocks” picked on the “nerds” and the “nerds” wouldn’t associate with the “jocks”

But, something very interesting happened on the second truck. The kids on the truck that “broke down” spent more time together; they had a shared experience. That experience brought the two separate groups together.

When the second truck, finally, made it back to camp…

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